What it is Strip poker & how to play

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Strip poker is a regular game of poker but varies in the way that players get rewards when they win.

Actually, it is the losers who are the main focus of a strip poker game because they are required to undress systematically.

Depending on how unlucky a player is on a certain day or simply bad at poker. The possibility of ending up without clothes is extremely high.

According to random surveys, the people who are most likely to engage in a game of strip poker fall within the 18-30 years age bracket.

Although males are known to initiate or propose strip poker. Most games will include female players too.

What it is Strip poker & how to play

The nature of a strip poker game requires some level of privacy and discretion and that is why it is popular among university and college students as well as young people who have just started living alone.

Some mature adults also play sakong but in high secrecy and small groups of up to 6 players.

When married participants form the majority in the group. It is often under the cover of their homes.

Dressing up is second to human nature but there are those who would argue that the prehistoric human being did not wear clothes.

Well, nudity is any form is bound to draw attention. So, why do people still play strip poker?

For the fun of it – this is a reserve of friends. People who already know each other and are looking for ways to extend a night out. In an evening where alcohol had taken center stage. Strip poker is the most natural way to unwind and tease each other. The game does not have to go on till someone gest naked though.

For sexual pursuit – if the intention among a group of friends is to get completely naked so that it is easy for couples to get intimate. Strip poker might come up as a suggestion for breaking the ice. The game itself is of little interest to the players because their focus is on the end result.

As with playing any other game. It is important to clarify the rules of a game of strip poker before you begin playing.

This already sounds obvious, right? Well, there is no rule book for strip poker so the rules you make must be as clear as possible.

Strip Poker History

It does not seem to be significant information about where and how strip poker began but worldwide relevance has been traced back to the mid-1900s.

There is no record of the exact date when strip poker came into being but there are rumors to the effect that female players would volunteer to remove clothing items.

There are also people who believe that strip poker preceded poker as we know it today because there was nothing to trade with.

Ideally, what we know as strip poker today differs in intent to what strip poker originally was.

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In the past, it was provided a grotesque style of entertainment for young gamblers who wanted to continue playing after they had lost all their money.

Clearly, there was no sexual connotation to the game then which is the goal of the modern strip poker game.

The Anderson Café was a popular venue for fun lovers in the 19th century.

Situated in an area of New Orleans that was synonymous for gambling and prostitution. Many believe that this was the first venue for strip poker.

Mixed strip poker would later emerge in London that incorporated female and male gamblers in a single game.

The game was common in unlicensed casinos and grew in popularity because it was a source of erotic entertainment during the time when England was undergoing great depression.

It was not until the second half of the 20th century when popularity for strip poker grew courtesy of computer games, TV shows, music videos, and movies.

If you are a fan of classic movies, you must have watched the movie “The Wanderers”. Most notably the scene where a group of young men are playing strip poker with their girlfriends.

Video game enthusiasts could have an idea of the Artworx Strip Poker II game released in 1987. It is likely that many people had a glimpse of what it was all about since it was optimized for Apple, PC, and Amiga.

The greatest promoter of strip poker must have been the broadcast media. This was due to the application of popularity techniques that targeted specific audiences.

By the late 90s, people had become tolerant of mild levels of nudity on TV and this created a soft landing for shows that featured strip poker.

What it is Strip poker & how to play

There was a game show on TV which went by the name strip poker and had its first appearance in 1999.

With airtime on select channels in the United States. The cards were dealt by Jennifer Cole and hosted by Graham Elwood.

Those who followed it must have noticed that the five-card stud was the base variant built around a quiz game element.

Another interesting game show on TV was aired in Finland called Räsypokka between 2001 and 2003.

Some of the 2 females and 2 males in the show stripped to full nakedness during games.

Strip poker came back to the United States in 2005. When a pay-per-view strip poker show was shot in Las Vegas.

The director of the show was Ben Weinstein. The host was Carmen Electra and the players were playboy models. The Texas Holdem variant of poker was used after it had gained popularity in 2004.

The greatest event in strip poker history took place in England in 2006 hosted at the Café Royal in London. This Paddy Power Entertainment Ltd (Ireland) organized event rounded up 196 players in a £10,000 win bid.