Unusual at Free Online Slots in Online Casinos

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The time when a three reel slot machine offered just one payline has passed. Modern slots have five reels and the number or paylines can reach 100. Those weren’t the only features of online casino slot evolution. Increasing number of paylines was accompanied by the introduction of new symbols.

Wild Symbol

Additional reels in free online slot games with no download – resulted in significantly lower chances of collecting highest paying combinations. It’s always easier to get three similar symbols on a payline than five. To increase online casino players’ chances of winning slot developers introduced additional symbols. Perhaps the most valuable of them is a wild symbol.

Wild symbol is unique because it can substitute all other non bonus symbols. With its help agen slot terbaru players get better combinations or turn losing combinations into winning. If several paylines are active the same wild symbol can be used to form more than one winning Agen Judi Bola Terbaik.

Besides, wild symbols can form their owna wild sequences. Usually wild combinations are the most profitable.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols appearing on the reels usually trigger bonus round or free spins. Scatters can stop anywhere on the reels without necessarily appearing on the same payline. According to online casino rules, three scatters are enough to start bonus game.

Bonus Round Symbols

Sometimes scatter symbols trigger only free spins and to activate bonus game online casino player needs to get special symbols on the reels. There can be different requirements to trigger bonus round. For example, getting one or several symbols on certain casino slot reels or collecting certain combinations. Usually such symbols are not paid. Their only goal is to trigger online casino slot bonus round.

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Jackpot Symbols

Some online casino slots like Monopoly Big Event and have special jackpot symbols which should be collected to get jackpot money. Usually even combinations of two or three jackpot symbols give big winnings.