Top 10 Tips for How to Win Online Poker

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The online gambling industry will be worth almost 60 billion dollars in the United States alone by 2017. What that means for gamblers looking to transition their play from in-person to online is big opportunity.

Poker is one of the most popular card games played situs poker online.

Whether playing for money or for fun, it’s important to understand that there are some differences when playing poker via the internet VS in-person. Understanding some of the key considerations of online play can mean the difference between winning consistently and losing big.

Below are tips geared towards helping players make the transition from in-person poker and figure out how to win online poker.

1) Get Familiar with Topical Differences in a Practice Game

There are a lot of easy to pick up differences players will notice between online and offline poker right away. Most of these come in the way of interface and game mechanics put in place to keep the game’s pace fast.

For example, players will want to understand how to make bets, check, call, raise, etc. before putting money into a game. Some players will assume that these functions will be self-explanatory and that they can pick them up in their first paid round of play.

Those players are often surprised by the strict time limits many online platforms utilize which will only afford them a small about of time to make decisions.

Trying a few practice rounds will set players up for success in their first money matches.

2) When Ready to Start Betting, Don’t Jump into a High Stakes Game

Even after participating in practice rounds, don’t jump into a high stakes game. It’s recommended that players new to the online arena try low limit tables first to understand how real betting mechanics work.

This reduces the risk of running into a costly surprise that could have easily been avoided.

3) Start With One Table Then Work Towards Multiple

A key online poker strategy that players leverage to turn a profit is to play multiple tables. What this entails is being active in more than one game simultaneously which allows you to make money in one game despite having folded in another.

While tempting to experiment with multiple tables right away, players should realize that effectively multi-tasking in poker is a skill that takes time. For those that don’t possess the ability to analyze multiple games at once, doing so could significantly increase the rate at which they lose their money.

4) Play in an Appropriate Environment

If a player doesn’t feel comfortable having movies playing or checking their phones during an in-person game, they shouldn’t experience those things while playing online.

Poker requires a deep level of concentration and analysis of opponent tendencies. This analysis is more difficult online than in person because of the impersonal nature of online matches.

A small lapse in focus could cost players a hand. Therefore, it’s important that the environment online poker players compete in is as conducive to concentration as possible.

5) Bad Technology Can be Costly

To successfully compete in online poker, having a quality computer and internet connection is important. If a computer crashes between hands, a live poker game won’t pause. The player will lose the hand.

The same goes for a player who experiences a drop in their internet connection.

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Depending on the stakes of a game, small technical issues can cost players a lot of money. This can be avoided by making sure all technology used during games is reliable.

6) Explore Software That Will Help Make Play More Efficient

There are a number of software choices to help enrich a player’s online poker strategy.

Some programs help users manage multiple tables more efficiently by alerting them as to which tables require their attention. Other software helps track statistics and opponent behaviors to help players make educated decisions.

Using these types of software, so long as they are not against a poker platform’s TOS, can give players a legal edge over their competition.

7) Pick an Online Platform That’s Reputable

There are a lot of online poker platforms out there. Not all are created equal though so pick carefully.

Be sure to play on a platform that’s well reviewed by the online poker community. It can also be beneficial to pick a platform that offers perks to regulars such as free hands or credits.

8) Players Should Consider Their Goals

Players should think about their goals before approaching online Poker. Are they looking to play casually? Are they looking to play professionally?

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Understanding one’s disposition towards online poker can be helpful in tailoring their habits towards making progress towards their desired end.

A player that wants to make an income off of online poker, for example, should expect to play consistently and bet based on a strict set of proven strategies.

A casual player can be more sporadic and afford riskier online betting behaviors.

Building on the point of consistency, players who want long-term online poker success should treat it as a profession.

What that entails is setting aside time each day to play and doing so consistently. It means never playing tired or distracted. It means being prepared to capitalize on the highs and being able to ride out the lows.

Bottom line, successful online poker takes commitment and the will to sit down at your computer every day like any other job. Don’t expect to be profitable without discipline.

10) Play Responsibly

Gambling online can feel unreal to some players. This removal from a traditional casino setting can make money lost feel less painful and consequently, opens players up to substantial deficits.

Respect the consequences of gambling online the same way you would in person. Take play seriously and always be on the lookout for when online poker stops being fun.

Wrapping up How to Win Online Poker and Transition from In-Person Play Successfully
How to win online poker has some subtle differences when compared to how to win in-person poker. Mainly, look to master the mechanics of the platform you use. Learn how to read players digitally and also, take advantage of multi-table play when you feel comfortable doing so.

Taking online poker seriously and committing to grinding out small, consistent wins can lead to a successful long-term run and possibly, a viable work from home career.

If you’re interested in learning more about online poker or exploring deeper strategies surrounding other casino games, keep digging into our Gambling and Betting Strategies content!