Tips and tricks to play on the best and most complete online slot websites

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Slotonline – Online fish table game online and these tips and tricks to play on online slot websites, and thousands of people can interface it graphically. As well as attractive prizes that are of high value. The gameplay is not difficult so it is easy to win, but a smart player always has his own value. To collect a large number of coins, and in the game without spending too much money.

This is a way for players to play the game, and exchange prizes to win spectacular wins from luck.

In this article we will give you tips on how to play the fish shot machine. Techniques and tricks that have been taken from the shooting experience, from players who are now seniors. If you are wondering how to win at the fish table.

Please see the following situs judi slot terbaik dan terpercaya no 1 tips and tricks for playing on the online slot website:

1. Have Enough Bullets

Most of the players think that shooting a fish with 1 bullet will kill the fish and think of it as a tactic.

For example fish 4 points after you. shooting up to 10 will definitely die. Did you know that there are fish that only shoot 1.2 bullets, some can die until 6 bullets are not dead. When you have 10 bullets, choose which fish you shoot will die.

Because of this, many people apply:

If there are 4 other 3 players shooting 1 fish, they will definitely be shot dead, because each person has 1 shot. If 3 members shoot and the fish is not dead, the last one shoots another fish to die.
This is a pretty good trick, but it can only be applied specifically. If 1 table does not have many players or the number of fish fluctuates, make sure you can see the number of bullets to kill the fish.

2. Use the Mustache Tactic

Because most of the players focus on shooting the big fish, and ignore the small fish. This is a completely wrong playing strategy. Especially new players, don’t think about the risks of playing at all. It doesn’t kill the fish but leaves you, runs out of bullets and gets nothing.

Note: in the case of fish that die from stray bullets usually in small fish or fairy fish, (Bulletfish is a fish that died from stray bullets)

Take full advantage of the small angle of the fish shot machine, (it has a dead fish bullet mass shooting mode). The following strategies may be helpful for players:

Rotate the barrel continuously around the table and then shoot one by one so that 2 bullets don’t go in the same direction (If the same direction, 2 bullets will only hit 1 fish. Suppose it is a 2 point fish and does not die, you have a loss.

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Should shoot compactly so that each one goes in one direction, can still use 1 bullet each. For big fish focus on shooting 1 2 or 3 tablets (depending on each)

Don’t focus on the mustache in the shared sitting position.

The advantage of this trick is a higher chance of dying. If the bullets are fired in different directions, the bullets hit different fish and do not focus on 1 fish. Combined with a concentration of 2, 3 or 10 tablets for larger fish, your fish shooting ability will be much higher with guests concentrating solely on shooting the big fish.

3. How to Play Ballpoint

This way of playing or the trick has the effect of increasing the number of bullets fired at the fish at the same time. Apply as follows:

You can shoot multiple shots on the wall so that the bullets bounce back on the fish. If the bullet has not been refilled, point the bullet directly at the fish. at the same time 2 bullets will hit the fish.

Thus, the chances of death will be higher. And with this procedure, the chances of the fish dying are quite high. just a few bullets to kill the fish that get into the corner.

4. Apply Slow But Fast Shooting

Do not get excited about shooting big fish, many people shoot big fish just spending bullets. If the fish dies and gets into your place, the fish is yours. This can save more bullets.

If you shoot a bullet directly at a big fish, it costs a lot of bullets. However, if the amount of ammunition is less the risk of losing money is very high. In terms of prowess and how to shoot bullets gradually, to get several hundred thousand after a few minutes of shooting.

5. Shoot the fish that has been shot by the player who leaves the table

How to adjust the sitting position and prepare the trick to play, there are fish that will die when they first come out. You also need to pay attention to the bullets that have come out. If you know how to calculate that fish will die, your job is simply to sit back and load the corners of the table while waiting for the fish to come out. With this trick apply it to small fish to increase points at the mission point.