The Poker HUD: What It Is and Why You Should Use It Online

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Looking to up your poker game online? A HUD can do that in most cases. While it’s possible to win without one it can put a player at a huge disadvantage to not use it.

While it does help, it can also hurt if a player doesn’t know how to use the HUD. It can act as a guide but there are a lot of mistakes that can be made with it.

Here is a helpful guide on what a Poker HUD is, how it can help up a player’s game, and how it can also destroy it if they don’t know what they’re doing.

1. What is a Poker HUD

The Poker HUD is an app that any bandarqq player can download onto their computer that will show helpful statistics about their opponents.

It displays plays that opponents may have made in the past to give the player an idea about how they may react in a current game. It obviously won’t show the opponent’s cards but it does give an idea about their playing style.

2. What Information Does it Provide

The HUD shows interesting stats like how often the opponent throws in chips which gives off how tight or loose a player is. It shows how aggressive they can be prior to a flop, or how often they 3bet.

Basically, there is a statistic for any tough decision a player may come across in poker. Any of them can be used at any time but eventually, the screen can be overflowing with numbers. Only spring for the really useful ones or it can be distracting.

3. Why Use The HUD

Most serious opponents will be using the HUD so the ones that don’t purchase one are at a serious disadvantage. There are more reasons to use it than just that though.

Exploit Opponents

A player can exploit various mistakes that their opponent is making. When a player is trying to decide to flop or value bet then it’s important to look at this statistic.

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If the opponent has a high flop to fold ratio then it’s time to start taking advantage of the fact that they fold so much.

Multi-Tabling Your Game

The more tables a player plays the more a HUD is absolutely needed. There can be a lot of information to process when playing one table let alone two or three. They need to be able to make the big decisions while also not missing things that are going on at other tables.

This is where a HUD comes in handy because even having the small statistics up while playing more than one table can be a huge help.


Not only can a player see the mistakes that their opponents make but see the holes in their own strategy with the help of a poker HUD. Being able to see these mistakes can help a player make adjustments and watch their win streak skyrocket.

A player can store hands in the HUD and view them after the game is done to see what went wrong. This type of study is very important if a player wants to be successful.

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4. Can Someone Win Without it

It is possible to win without paying for the use of a poker HUD. It does put a player at a large disadvantage considering most opponents will be using it.

There are some games that can be easily won without the use of this tool, but it is meant to guide the player along and increase their win rate. It also makes it possible to play at multiple tables and double earnings.

If a player can win one or two tables without the use of a HUD then that’s good enough to not use it.

5. Are There Any Dangers with Using It

While the HUD can be really helpful, it doesn’t come without its dangers and common mistakes.

One of the big ones is making decisions without getting the proper amount of data first. People like to jump the gun which is a huge no-no. To that end, some people base their plays completely off percentages which can also be crippling.

Using too many statistics can be overwhelming to look at. It’s best to use a few basic ones and then start adding on as the player is comfortable.

Sometimes the HUD can make players really cocky they think they have it in the bag just because they’re using it. They stop paying attention to the game and then lose big.

6. Could it be Considered Cheating

Using the HUD isn’t considered cheating. It looks at hands that have already been played to draw its statistics.

Just because a player purchases it that doesn’t mean they suddenly have access to every hand that their opponent has ever played in the course of Poker. It’s just the hands that they played during that set game.

Again, the HUD is a guide, it won’t tell a player what they need to play to win, just give them helpful statistics

7. Do Poker Rooms Even Allow HUDS

Most poker rooms do indeed allow HUDs. There are some sites that have removed access so it’s best to look around to find the ones that do have them or just ask their customer service.

Some allow them but with restrictions so just be sure to be up to date with the laws and regulations of the site in question.

Get Ahead by Using a Poker HUD

Using a poker HUD can put a player at a serious advantage, but it can also make them cocky and cause them to fail. All the statistics and numbers can also overwhelm a player and again, cause them to fail. A player should make sure to slowly work their way into the HUD so they win big instead of failing hard.

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