Strategies for Playing Roulette on Trusted Online Casino Gambling Agent Sites

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There are many types of roulette games, such as American roulette, European roulette, French roulette and mini roulette. If you are looking for a game of roulette that runs faster and has a chance of winning, you should try playing mini roulette. Even if you still have confidence, mini roulette has fewer segments. Compared to other types of games, the relatively few options available give you a chance to win.

The game consists of 12 mini roulette numbers and 1 0 number. Casino Online Terpercaya Players can choose to bet on internal and external bets. It is more and more likely that you will win a number of slot machines where only 12 make outright play selections. In addition, the payouts given for each selection are not much different from other types of roulette games.

Mini Roulette Game

Fewer playing options do not necessarily reduce the payout value for the mini-roulette game. Instead, consider the best chance of winning, the mini-roulette bonus value provided is even more attractive than other roulette games.

The highest payouts in mini-roulette can be found in the live bet type with a payout of 11 against 1 bet.

Generally there is not much difference in the payment of mini roulette games with other roulette games. Here is a breakdown of the payment of bets on the value of the mini-roulette game with the chance of winning each bet option.

1. Red or black.

Recommend the color of the winning slot, red or black. The payout is 1: 1. The odds of winning are 46.2%.

2. Even or odd.

Bet on even or odd numbers. The payout is 1: 1. The odds of winning are 46.2%.

3. Dozens.

Bet six consecutive numbers for each line bet. The payout is 1: 1. The odds of winning are 46.2%.

4. Column

Bet on the numbers that appear in the column. There are 4 points and there is a margin of three. The payout is 2: 1. The odds of winning are 30.8%.

5. Corners

Specify the four digits that are in the corner of the panel with betting options. The payout is 2: 1. The odds of winning are 30.8%.


6. The road.

Bet on the three digit line. The payout is 3: 1. Chance of winning is 23.1%

7. Split

Bet on two digits in the same column. The payout is 5: 1. The odds of winning are 15.4%.

8. In line.

Bet on winning numbers. The payout is 11: 1. The odds of winning are 7.69%.

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Strategy for winning the Mini Roulette game

In short, there is no specific technique for winning the roulette minigame. Mini roulette games are just a tributary of luck. However, there are several methods that need to be mastered in order to remain profitable in the mini-roulette game.

The first method is to determine the value of the progressive bet. Like other types of roulette games, players can enjoy this game by gradually making the game. There are various systems that can be used, such as Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci and many others. You can apply the system to profit and cover losses from the previous game.

Apart from that, you also have to be careful when choosing a bet. Outside betting bets offer more chances to win. However, the odds offered by this betting option are relatively low. That’s why some experienced roulette players do better than a combination bet. You can play by combining dozens and columns and dozens of streets, and so on.

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You also have to observe the pattern of the results of the mini roulette game. In online games, there are random patterns with a tendency to display a number of numbers or a repeating sequence. Collect data about game results. Learn more about data distribution and spot some trends in data. This trend can be used to bet on the greatest odds of winning.