Quick Tutorial to Learn How to Play Dragon Tiger Live Casino Online

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Of the many live casino games, this time we want to discuss one of the games that we think is the easiest, which is how to play dragon tiger online.

If you are a beginner or just want to start playing live casino gambling, we recommend playing this dragon tiger. Because it’s easy to get benefits in it.

But this time we won’t invite you to play dragon tiger at the casino, but there are things that are more practical and safer, namely how to play agen nova88 dragon tiger online.

In playing dragon tiger online, first you have to prepare a cellphone or computer with the best internet network. After that, look for the latest slot gambling sites that have the best quality, of course.

Because later in looking for profits in dragon tiger, you must use real money, so you also have to follow the main rules of the best online gambling site, namely the minimum age of the players is 18 years and over. agen sbobet resmi

Easy Guide on How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

Of course, how to play dragon tiger is quite easy to do, but many people say that this game is similar to baccarat. At first glance it is similar but there are some differences.

In playing dragon tiger also uses playing cards, but only requires 1 card to show its victory. So if 1 card loses, it is certain that the result will lose, different from baccarat, which still has a chance on the next card.

Now we understand first the order of cards in playing dragon tiger from lowest to highest, starting from the US, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and finally King.

After knowing this, we will explain what types of bets can be placed in playing dragon tiger, let’s see in full below, bettor.

Dragon: First you can place a bet on dragon, if indeed dragon can get the highest card value then you can win. The payout for winning in Dragon is 1: 1.

Tiger: The second is definitely the opponent of dragon, namely tiger, now if tiger manages to beat the value of dragon card then tiger wins this bet. The prize for winning when you win in the tiger is 1: 1 too.

Tie: Finally, the tie bet column, this bet functions to guess that the card values ​​in dragon and tiger have the same value. If you win the tie bet, your payment is 1: 8, and if you place it on a dragon or tiger and the result is a tie, then your stake will be returned as much as 50%.

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That’s a bettor, an explanation of how to play dragon tiger plus the type of bet, it’s very easy right? It remains for you to determine the correct answer in order to get the winning prize.

If you can’t wait to play dragon tiger, it’s a good idea to visit the live chat below to ask about the best online gambling site. Later our admin will help provide the best references.

You can contact live chat at any time, because they are always available 24 hours. This is definitely prioritized to help all of the loyal members.

In a moment, we want to give a leak about how to easily win playing dragon tiger, for those of you who are beginners, you must follow it so you don’t lose playing later.

Winning Strategies In Playing This Live Casino

If you already understand how to play baccarat like our explanation above, then understand the easy strategy to win dragon tiger for sure.

First, of course, you have to have a sufficient balance first, because if you lose in the previous session you can double the value of your bet in the next session to return the capital that you lost.

Both try to dare to put on the tie if you have a strong feeling, because the result of victory in the tie will certainly be much greater than a dragon or tiger. But the chances of winning are not easy.

Read the history of previous outputs when playing dragon tiger, analyze the possibility that the next session will result in a dragon or tiger. This method is proven effective and can cause you to win.

Try to move the dragon tiger room if you don’t ever experience victory, maybe your luck lies in the next room bettor.

Maybe that’s an easy strategy for playing dragon tiger online, if you want to see how to play other types of bets, just check the next page.

Thank you very much for reading this article to the end, if there are deficiencies we apologize. Hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you, see you soon.