Poker Tips For Success #3: Building Your Edge with the Right Poker Tools

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You should be using all available information when you play. Otherwise you could be leaving money at the table! You should always be looking to get the best poker tools to increase your edge at the tables or even prevent yourself from falling behind. Even a simple thing as advanced poker hands cheat sheets which you can find with advanced poker training, with explanation how to adjust your ranges to different players, can help you build an excellent strategy and improve your game.

Crucial Poker Tool that You Should Have

Without question, the first tool you should get is tracking software. Most likely, you will end up choosing between Hold’em Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4 and no matter which you pick; both are great tools.

However, most Agen Poker Online Indonesia players do not understand most of these programs and mostly use it just to track results and progress. Some use it for heads-up display, which allows you to have stats on your opponent when playing, but very few use this software to study and improve their play.

Getting the Most out of Your Tracking Software

If applied in the right way, it can help you more than you think. You can use filters and reports to study any part of your game; you can apply the same strategies when analyzing your opponents and find flaws in their actions. Mark and review your own hands which can give you many insights after the session. When you are not in the heat of the moment, analyze your play further on.

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You can filter out the best players in your stakes and compare your stats to theirs in any possible situation. If you find a huge gap between your player’s statistics, you should analyze this area even more and likely change your approach in this area. Analysis can show you where you are leaving money on the table and help build a solid strategy just by using these tools.

Using additional resources

Tracking software is not the only software you should get. There are many, paid and free poker tools, which can help you learn poker strategy and make better decisions. Thus, I made a list of the best poker tools and software so that you could choose what you need based on your preferred game.

One more universal tool that everyone should have is a free program called Poker Equilab. Poker Equilab lets you save different ranges and compare how these ranges stand against each other on various boards and runouts. It will also learn essential math and in some cases is even superior to paid options. Make sure to get this tool if you do not have it yet.

Summing It Up

You could be a winning player without sophisticated programs. Getting essential tools such as poker tracking software is a must.

Do not let your opponents get the upper hand by not using any of available resources while they are. Make sure to get what you need, even if you have to invest a portion of your bankroll. This investment will pay for itself in no time!