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The online capsa susun agent site is indeed provided by the official IDNPLAY because so many are looking for this game. Actually, the online capsa susun game has been played by many Indonesians for a long time. But only ordinary games that don’t use real money. Therefore, large websites like idn play provide online capsa susun games with real money. The capsa susun game has recently entered the sports field and has entered the Olympic sport.

When it was first launched, the online capsa susun game played a lot of the capsa game. For those who don’t know about the exciting capsa susun game, you can see below, we will explain how exciting this game is and many also benefit from the IDNPLAY online capsa susun game.

Most Popular Capsa Susun Idnplay Agent Site Games

Before we play the capsa susun game which is usually called capsun, it would be nice to get to know this game first. So read carefully, Capsa Susun was first popularized in China. Every royal family to the Chinese nobility, every time they want to gamble, always play poker deposit pulsa the capsun game. Why don’t you play another gamble, you must be wondering? Because the best card games have many variations of card arrangement. Starting from the number of cards that are distributed as much as 13 playing cards for each player. So from there the name capsa was created which is the number 13 in Chinese and many variations of the card are called susun. This game can only be played if the player consists of 4 people.

The capsun online game is no situs judi online slot from the original game either. As usual from 13 playing cards, we will arrange from the lowest 5 card sequence, the middle 5 cards and the top 3 cards is the basic arrangement of the online capsa stacking game. Likewise with the original game there is no difference with online.

There are so many tricks in the capsa stacking game imagine. Oh yes, the game of Capsa Susun is not much against players like online poker games. In the capsa game, one room or table is only played by 4 people and that is not more. So the chance to win playing Capsa Susun is actually not difficult. Imagine if we get a bad card or just not good enough, we can still win with our card arrangement is really interesting isn’t it. That’s a little history and how to play IDNPLAY’s capsa stacking. Next, I will explain how to get to know the special cards from the IDN online capsa susun game.

Types of Special Cards for the Official IDN Capsa Susun Game

Maybe there are still many who don’t know about the best IDN online capsa stacking game special cards. The game of capsa is almost not that different from online poker but did you know that the location for the special cards is correct. In the capsa game, the IDN stack is not allowed to put the wrong card on top. The largest value card must be arranged at the bottom and the second largest card must be 5 cards in the middle which you must understand. From the rest of the 3 cards, the value should be in the order of the large order.

Below I will tell you the order of the largest to the smallest cards of the most popular types of online capsa susun games:


Susun IDNPLAY box

  • ROYAL FLUSH is a sequence of cards starting from 10, J, Q, K, USA and all have the same flower.
  • The STRAIGHT FLUSH is almost the same as the royal flush but 5 cards of the same flower can be of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or in the middle or above and must be the same flower.
  • FOUR OF A KIND is having 4 cards of the same type in 13 cards that you hold this value you get quite often.
  • FULL HOUSE is where 5 cards consist of 3 of the same type of card combined with the same 2 cards.
    FLUSH Maybe you know this card better because you often encounter this special type in online poker games where 5 cards have the same flower even though the number sequence is different.
  • STRAIGHT is 5 cards in the order for example, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or below and above the same and this special suit does not have to have the same flower.
  • THREE OF A KIND is that all types of lifting that are on playing cards must have the same 3 cards.
  • TWO PAIR is 2 equal cards and must have two pairs or 4 cards every 2 cards must be the same.
  • ONE PAIR is where the cards in your hand must be the same, for example, numbers 2 and 2 so it can be called one pair.
  • HIGH CARD is of all the cards that have the highest value, for example, when the top hand which should be 3 cards and does not have a value like the one above, you can place AS, K, Q, J or other cards.
  • This DRAGON is the hardest to get and has the highest value of all types of special cards. If you get this card, it’s confirmed that you win from your opponent and the jackpot will drop very much. Dragon is where 13 cards in your hand, none of the same can be said in sequence from AS to K.
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Jackpot Special Card Official Website of Capsa Susun Idnplay Agent

Jackpot Capsa Susun IDNPLAY

Maybe you all understand what I wrote above. With 11 kinds of special cards from the best IDN online capsa stacking game. From the largest order to the smallest. Hopefully with increased knowledge of special cards from this online capsa susun it can help you to play capsa susun. Maybe you’ve got the type of card but don’t understand how to put it. Below, we idnplay admins will also tell JACKPOT of all the special types of cards you get.

Every game is always given a huge bonus or jackpot. Lots of online gambling bettors when they lose but instead get a big jackpot and it all reverses things from losing to winning big when playing capsa susun, as well as IDN online poker.

So that you don’t forget to put the jackpot, it’s better when you first start playing Capsa Susun, it would be nice to place a 100 silver bet just in case the card you hold has a special card. In calculating the jackpot, it will be clarified on the IDNPLAY online capsa stacking site, so immediately register your account as an ID on the IDN PLAY site.

That is the guide or information from us IDNPLAY admins about the online capsa susun game along with the special types of cards and jackpots that you get in the capsa susun game or online poker. Hopefully this can help you win more often in every online gambling game. Immediately join and register with us the best and most trusted online capsa susun agent in Indonesia. And immediately get the new member bonus. Thank you.