Levels of Thinking in Online Poker

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Strategy games are known to us since the 6th century CE. Take a game of Chess, credited to India for its origin. The game of skill and strategy forced players to think two or three steps ahead of their opponents. A player’s autonomous decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome. Just like a game of live or online poker. Strategy games require an internal decision tree thinking coupled with very high situational awareness.

Pop culture has only reiterated situational awareness with this famous quote by Matt Damon in the movie. Rounders “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table. Then you are the sucker.” Rising up in a game of online poker is not about the hours you spend poker deposit pulsa telkomsel playing the game but to also be able to outsmart or out-think your opponent by staying one step ahead at all times.

Most players starting off playing poker online often struggle to piece together the different information they experience on the felts and are unable to see the bigger picture of the actual way the hand is being played out.

The skill-based mind sport requires ‘Multiple levels of thinking’ which translates to being able to think in levels and not decide in a vacuum. Thinking in levels helps expose our own flaws in our decision-making process that in turn help us minimize our blind spots. This wires our brains to develop a refined thought process that saves a player from making bad decisions repeatedly!

Levels of Thinking in Online Poker Infographics

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Let’s give your online poker brains a nice stretch with this illustration that depicts the different levels of thinking in poker!

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Open Face Chinese Poker

Open Face Chinese poker (OFC) is an exciting and new poker variant which is quite different from the existing dominant variants of poker. Since it is currently in its nascent stage. OFC poker is still an unexplored online poker variant compared to its popular counterparts such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Thus, both live and online OFC poker players find some common challenges when devising a full proof winning strategy.

While it isn’t uncommon to face friction at the Open Face Chinese Poker tables. Even by seasoned poker players of the day. Today, we shall kill these hurdles for good and focus on forming strategies that shall take you to showdown without unnecessary hiccups.

We have talked about OFC poker tips and strategy in our earlier blogs. Today, we will discuss few common mistakes players committed by the players of this new poker variant and fix them right away.

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DO’s and DON’Ts in Open Face Chinese Poker

Not Taking Enough Risk for Fantasyland

First of all, what is fantasyland? In this part of the Open Face Chinese poker game. Qualifying for the fantasyland gets you additional Royalty Points. If a poker player manages to set a pair of Queens or better in the top and manages not to foul. They enter fantasyland as per OFC poker rules.

A player is dealt with 14-17 cards in one go after qualifying for fantasy land. No contest, this puts you at a great advantage. The fear of fouling and getting scooped often stops us from taking risks when you play Open Face Chinese poker online. You should ideally enter a game knowing that it’s not about hitting a great OFC hand more than 60% of the time but about scoring higher on average. So, we say you just aim to build a better hand than your opponents and you’ll definitely be ahead in the game.

Going Overboard and Taking on an Extremely Risky Situation

An OFC poker player often tends to go overboard while aiming to score as high as they can. For example, trying to put aces up top will require you to put at least two pairs or better on the middle row and full house or better on the bottom. It’s clearly a runner-runner situation from where there is no point of return if the cards don’t come out in your favour.

Not Taking Advantage of Being in Position

There’s a common notion among online poker players in India and abroad that the position doesn’t count when you play Open Face Chinese online for real money or for free. This isn’t true. If you are the last one to act on a 3-handed OFC poker table, you can place your cards accordingly.

For example, if you have a couple of hearts on you and you see 5 of hearts already on the table. It would be foolish to sit with a flush draw.

Another Take on This

On the contrary, you could be a vigilant player too. Observe your opponent’s cards and see how many outs you might have in order to hit a royalty. You’ll still be ahead in the game because now you know the draws your opponents might be holding.

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