How to Win at Slots

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There’s nothing like a Vegas vacation: beautiful sun, delicious food, and, of course, a day at the casino.

But while you may not play games like Baccarat, everyone has $10 for the slot machine. Ever wish you could win?

Well, there is no sure-fire way to win at slots. They run on random number generators, mathematical constructs that produce patternless combinations. Anyone who says different is likely assisting George Clooney in a movie heist.

However, with an eagle eye and a frugal mindset, you can leave the casino with more than dryer lint in your pocket. Here’s how.

Pick the Right Machine

It sounds like the advice of an old gambler. It’s also right, somewhat. Loose slots tend to have higher payouts. The trick is finding them.

Many a weekend warrior might fixate on a single machine, thinking it’s the one. The smart player knows to move around.

How can you be more like the smart judi slot via pulsa player? Remember the three “P”s: promotion, positioning, and players.


Have you ever asked yourself why casinos do what they do? Why slots are where they are? Why they promote some over others?

If not, you should because casinos are out to get you.

Yes, they want you to have fun, but in truth, casinos want your money. And they’ll do everything they can to get it. It starts with slot promotion.

You’ve seen it: the flashing lights, the bold jackpots, the noise. You may have even seen machines covered the latest Hollywood blockbuster. These elements aren’t arbitrary; they’re designed to get your attention.

And they work. Everyone plays those machines.

You shouldn’t.

Those machines have the lowest payout and the highest house edge. The most they’ll give you is a taster, a small win that tempts you to keep playing. Give in, and you’ll lose more than you’ll gain.

The slots you want won’t have any pomp and circumstance. They also won’t have much of the next “P” either.


Think of a casino like a grocery store. Manufacturers pay millions of dollars for shelf placement.

Why? They know products at eye level are more convenient than those customers have to bend or reach for. Thus, they sell better. Casinos design their game floors in a similar way.

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The most convenient slots sit at the center of the floor. It’s easier for players to play them because they’re all in one area. Thus, these machines generate the most money–for the house.

The committed slot player should get out of the pre-designed comfort zone. The slots you want lay at the back of the casino. They pay the most to the player, and the casino wants to keep them away.

It’s up to you to find them. But you won’t be the only one.


Beating the slot machines is nothing new. When you hit the casinos, you’ll find others using this advice for themselves. Those people are who you should watch.

But how do you tell them from the chronic lever-pullers, throwing money away?

For one, serious players won’t be drinking. Nor will they look like they hate themselves.

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They’ll be wary, likely at the back of the casino, away from everyone else. They’ll be well-dressed and focused.

When you find them, watch them and their payout. Use these players to scout machines for you. That way, you can separate the duds from the studs.

Manage Your Money

Slots are a game of chance. To increase your odds of winning, you have to stretch your bankroll. But how can you in a place where $20 doesn’t last ten minutes?

For starters, leave the debit and credit cards in your room. Take a set amount with you. That way, you don’t overspend.

Next, set limits.

Set a Win Limit

Before you drop a coin in the slots, know how much you want to win. A simple win limit would be to double your initial bankroll. Once you reach that limit, stop.

Only rookies lose the winnings they’ve earned. Don’t get over emotional and try to ride a hot streak. It can cool down fast, leaving you with no money.

Set a Lose Limit

Trying to recover losses is worse than lost winnings. That playstyle leads to many a Vegas horror story. Stick to your initial bankroll and when it runs out, stop.

Even better, stop before your bankroll runs out. It’ll keep cash in your pocket and allow you to clear your head before the next session.

Using limits guards against gambler’s fallacy. It’s the belief that the law of averages weighs the odds in your favor. Slots don’t follow that law. Each spin differs from the previous one, maintaining the odds.

Avoid Progressive Betting

It’s true, betting schemes, like the Martingale System, lead to winning. The losses they incur, though, overshadow any gains. They’ll increase the size of your bet, sometimes into the hundreds and thousands.

If you bet big and lose, you could ruin yourself. The safe bet is to stick with flat betting, the practice of wagering the same amount every session. Gambling experts show it beats progressive betting every time.

Progressive betting involves complex systems and math equations. You have to memorize and understand the system to use it. Why not make it easier on yourself?

Don’t Go Full Tilt

What does that mean? Tilt is a poker term, where a player makes decisions based on emotion. It’s what leads to more losses.

Going off your emotions means you’re not using reason. You’re compromising your judgment and your wallet.

If you find yourself getting emotional, stop. Take a break. Clear your head.

Don’t get discouraged and don’t get overconfident. Both will lead to disaster. Remember always slots rely on luck, and luck always runs out.

Learn How to Win at Slots, Blackjack, And More

A win at slots doesn’t take advanced computer knowledge or a math degree. It takes discipline.

Know which slots to hit. Set your bankroll, stick to it, and know when to walk away. You’ll avoid gambling mistakes, and you won’t get caught up in the thrills.

Plus, you’ll more win more. Isn’t that the greater thrill?

And if you want to win at other games, like blackjack, check out our gaming guides. We’ve got everything from betting systems to roulette strategies.

Try it out today!