How to Play Sbobet Ball Mix Parlay Online

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For all online soccer gambling bettors, of course, you are familiar with the type of bet called Mix Parlay Sbobet Online. Because from my knowledge, almost half of the online soccer gambling players bet on this type of bet. How to Play Online Sbobet Ball Mix Parlay is similar to the economic principle of “spending as little as possible, profit as much as possible”.

Because this type of Mix Parlay bet only requires minimal capital, but can produce the biggest winnings. How big?? It depends on the number of matches you choose and the amount of the odds. For more details, you should skip this question first, because later it will make you even more confused. Then what is meant by mix parlay, what are the types of bets like?

Online Sbobet Ball Parlay

Mix parlay is a type of online soccer bet that requires the bettor to choose at least 3 betting odds from 3 matches. The betting odds are Over Under, Asian Handicap, 1X2, HT / FT, Guess the Score, Odd Even and others. In other words it can be interpreted as a combined bet that allows us to combine 3 betting odds.

How to Play Sbobet Ball Mix Parlay Online

By combining 3 different types of bets that are opposite to 1 mix parlay. That’s why this type of bet is called a mix parlay because we can mix different types of agen slot deposit pulsa. If you don’t want to mix bets, it’s okay, it’s not mandatory, bro.

You need to know, you can combine mix parlay on the Jasabola Online site with matches that have different dates (tomorrow / the day after, for example). In addition, this mix parlay can also be combined with matches that are currently in progress and those that have not yet started.

For the nominal mix parlay, it is different for each site to realize its policy. For example, on Sbobet which is pegged at least 13k (13 thousand rupiah), Asia77 has a minimum of 10k, some even only have 5k like on Cbet. This minimum is not from us, but from each Sportsbook website. Because the Nagahoki website only acts as an intermediary for you with all online gambling betting sites.

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Continuing the review of the amount of odds on the mix parlay, each win on this type of bet must be different. As I mentioned earlier in the paragraph at the beginning. Because the amount of this mix parlay win depends on the number of matches you choose and the amount of odds for each of these matches.

Conclusion Sbobet Online Ball Parlay Mix

Later, all odds of the match you choose will be multiplied by 1 by 1 with your stake. The calculation formula is “your bet amount x (total odds – 1) = your total winnings. There are 3 matches (minimum 3) that have been selected with different odds sizes.

We enter the calculation formula “your bet amount x (total odds – 1) = your winning amount. 150 x (1.75 x 1.74 x 1.69 – 1) = 150 x (5.146 – 1) = 150 x 4.146 = 621 thousand so. we can also multiply it ourselves, if you are afraid to feel cheated. In conclusion, playing agen judi fontana99 this mix parlay is:

Choose at least 3 matches.

  • Can be combined with reverse betting types and matches on different days.
    The greater the odds you choose the greater your total winnings.
  • The more matches you choose, the greater your winnings will be.
  • The smallest bet amount among other bet types such as Over Under, Asian Handicap and others but can get the biggest result.

This is the article about How to Play Online Sbobet Ball Parlay Mix. Hopefully you can understand and it is certainly useful. If there is still something you want to ask about the game, please contact Nagahoki Customer Service who often actively serves you for 24 hours. So what are you waiting for, just Register for Sbobet and enjoy all the conveniences and bonuses available. Happy playing, good luck and greetings through to my boss’s mix parlay.