How to Play Roulette Live Casino Online

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Complete tutorial on how to play online casino live roulette. The name or the word roulette itself is taken from French, which is a game that uses a small ball that rotates on a small wheel plate and has a column or slot of thirty-seven slots (ranging from numbers 0 to 36) as well as these small balls. will stop at one of the numbers.

Complete tutorial on how to play Indonesian online casino roulette

This game aims to guess or predict the number that comes out when the ball stops at a certain number. The winner of this game is the agen judi sbobet player who manages to guess the number correctly according to the small ball stopped.

Tutorial on how to play the first online live casino roulette:

How to play roulette gambling games on Sbobet

To play live casino roulette on Sbobet, of course you must have a Sbobet User ID, right? Don’t understand how to register for a Sbobet account? Please read this article on how to register sbobet at a trusted sbobet casino ball agent.

There is a complete explanation of how to register for a Sbobet account that is easy to understand. If you still don’t understand how to register for a Sbobet account, please come directly to the Nusabola live chat, you will be guided there by our customer service who works 24 hours non-stop without stopping.

With one Sbobet account you can use it to play soccer gambling and live casino at the same time without having to create a lot of User IDs. After you log in, the general Sbobet display will bandar bola terbesar:

Complete tutorial on how to play Indonesian online casino roulette live

Explanation of the image of how to play roulette games above:

There are 6 game selection menus, namely Live Baccarat, Live Premium Baccarat, Live Super Six, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo and Live Blackjack. Please select the Live Roulette menu to play roulette.

How to quickly play online casino roulette soccer gambling games

Explanation of the roulette gambling guide picture above:

  • Select City / Select Dealer: Menu to select the city that will drive the course of your game directly. Pretty pretty isn’t it? A beautiful city does not determine you win, but a beautiful city will make you comfortable in playing roulette. ?
  • Select Table: Menu to select a table based on the minimum and maximum bet limits (Figure A) and the total number of players playing in 1 table (Figure B). The game of roulette is usually played by a maximum of 7 people, the more crowded the players the more exciting the game will be.
  • Select Seat / Select Seat: Menu to select your seat position when playing at the game table. Sitting anywhere, the important thing is that the chair is empty. An empty chair is usually black, if there is a color other than black it means that someone else has filled the chair.
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Guide to how to play the second online live casino roulette:

Functions of roulette menus.

Before entering into the types of roulette games itself, it’s a good idea to study the information or menus found on the roulette page dashboard.

All Sbobet games must use English, because English is a universal language that is widely used in other countries, for example, the menu display also uses English.

However, players can replace it with Indonesian if it is available on the menu, please look for the language menu / button.

After you choose a chair, a new dashboard page will appear like this:

A complete guide on how to play roulette live casino online

Information on the image of the roulette gambling table above:

A. Exit / Exit: Menu to exit the game and go straight back to the main lobby of Sbobet.

B. Balance: Information that displays your balance / chips in the game.

C. Win / Win: Information that describes the value of your winnings for each round.

D. Bet / Bet: Information on the amount of the bet that you place on each round.