How to Play Poker Online for Beginners

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Playing poker now has become a necessity for the people of the world. No wonder that at this time poker has had very large fans from all over the world.

Because we know that online poker does store a lot of huge profits and potentially huge to be obtained easily by its users. Moreover, we know that playing poker online is not against bookies but we are against fellow online poker gambling lovers.

How to Play Poker Online for Beginners.

In this way playing poker online is more exciting and enjoyable to play. especially we know that online poker currently has a variety of variations in the game that makes its users even more happy and not bored in playing online poker.

But with the various advantages and benefits that can be obtained from playing online poker there are still many who do not dare to start or try playing online poker. there are many reasons why they don’t try to start playing poker online, the main reason is they don’t know how to start playing poker online properly.

For this reason, in order to help beginners who want to play idnplay poker99, we want to provide various ways to play poker online.

Become an Official Poker Online Member

If you want to play online card gambling, then you need a bookie site as an intermediary to play. Online card gambling sites are providers of genuine money card gambling products available on digital networks. To be able to take advantage of card gambling products that have been provided by gambling sites, then you need to register for membership on the card gambling site.

For the procedure for registration itself you can apply as follows:

Enter the official card gambling website.

You should first make sure the gambling site that will be used as a playground is an official card gambling site. By entering the official site, then you will really get quality gambling product offerings and good service. Various cheating play that is indeed a risk of betting online gambling is clearly no longer need to worry. If you have found the official card gambling site, then visit the website and click register.

Charging personal data.

When entering the list menu, there will be a registration form that has been prepared by the card gambling site. Complete all data in the registration form that has been prepared correctly. The data that you need to fill in includes your name, account name, account password, email address, mobile contact number, type of bank used, bank account name, and bank account number. All of these data must be filled in correctly so that the security of playing gambling can be maintained.


The final step in registering for an online card gambling membership site is account verification. Verification is done by completing the account validation code. This code will be obtained after you have successfully sent the registration form to the card gambling site. The code will be sent by the card gambling site via e-mail message or SMS message depending on the policies of each gambling site.

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Fill out an Online Poker Deposit.

After having a member account, you need to first replenish capital so that the card gambling betting product can be played. Online card gambling games are not like card gambling games at a land casino. You need to first deposit capital to be able to start placing gambling bets. The process of depositing capital in online gambling activities is better known as a capital deposit.

The deposit process itself can be done in this way:

Look for info on the bank account to which the deposit is made.

Before the deposit is made, you need to find info about the account to which the deposit is transferred. The purpose of the account is of course the account used by the online card gambling site. Information regarding the availability of gambling site accounts can be found on the lobby menu of online card gambling sites. You also need to pay attention to the service schedule of each bank that has been provided.

Deposits can only be processed when you use the type of bank that is opening a transaction service. If you use the bank in a closed condition, the deposit will be delayed until the bank’s opening schedule. To be more certain, then you can ask about the type of account that is open and can be used by the site admin via live chat.

Transfer of money.

Send a capital deposit to the bank account that you have obtained. In this shipment, make sure you check the destination account number so that it is not mistaken. When you transfer the wrong, then the gambling site will not have the responsibility of replacing the error is given from yourself. Keep a good transfer receipt so that you can proof of the transfer you made on the gambling site when you find errors in the deposit claim process.

Complete the deposit form.

If the money transfer has been successful, then you need to first fill out a deposit form. Charging is done so that the deposit can immediately be processed into chips. Nominal money, sender’s account and recipient’s account are the data that you need to complete in this form. After all form data can be filled and you can send it, then only need to wait for notification of the success of the deposit made.

The time specified in the deposit process is not long. You only need to wait between 5 orange and 10 minutes. If the process is more than that, you can ask the admin to include a photo of the transfer receipt.