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How to Play Blackjack Online on the Most Trusted Online Casino Live Casino Site in Indonesia – One of the most famous card games in casino is blackjack. This name doesn’t even sound foreign anymore, and is often popularized in films. The number of bettors in this game is more than various other types of gambling such as roulette or Dragon Tiger.

But, do you know how to play it? If until now you still don’t understand, then our writing this time is perfect for all of you.

What a coincidence that what we are going to bring you is how to play blackjack online. Why should you play it online? Why not just go to the casino?

First, you have to waste money on traveling costs. Second, many currently cannot travel abroad because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why I’m interested in teaching you how to play blackjack online.

Learn how to play blackjack online from basics to ends

For those who want to know how to play agen sbobet blackjack online, I have to say that this game is now available on a website called Trusted Casino in Indonesia. I have not sponsored a dime from the linked website.

I solely write the name of the Most Trusted Casino in Indonesia here so that you can find out how to play blackjack online in the shortest way and can also be practiced today. Because it has been proven that the blackjack rules they apply in their games are international and reliable. situs slot online terpercaya

Learn how to play blackjack online from basics to ends

Well, if you understand why you have to be in a Trusted Casino in Indonesia, now I will just go straight to the game guide. You must first learn the value of the cards:

  • Number Card: Is a card with true value, so if you get a card with numbers 2 to 10, then that is the value you will get.
  • Picture Cards: These are cards such as Jack, Queen, King which all have the same value, namely 10
  • Ace Cards: You could say that this card is a jackpot card that will help you win. Because you can choose whether you want the actual value to be 1, or the second value, which is 11.
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Second, namely How to Play. Suppose you are fighting 1 on 1 with the blackjack card dealer. The purpose of this game is to bring your card position as close as possible to the number 21. Because the one who gets the number closest to 21 will be declared the winner.

Respectively, players will be dealt 2 cards at the beginning. So, suppose you get cards 7 and 8, which means your total value is 15. You can choose to “stand” (stop adding cards), or “hit” to increase the number of cards. If later your additional cards exceed 21, suppose you get a King card, it means your total score will be 15 + 10 = 25. Then you immediately lose (busted).

Meanwhile, if you are hit, and then get a card with a total value below 21, then you are safe.

After the dealing is complete, for players, the new dealer will add his cards, and will stand or stop at number 17 or above (up to 21). If the bookie is over 21 then they will be busted too. Automatically, the player who has a low card value bet will win.

But if you manage to get the number 21 at the beginning, then you are paid 1.5 of your bet directly. So, for example, if you put in Rp. 10,000, then you win Rp. 15,000 immediately without the need to complain to the dealer again.

But if the number 21 is the result of continuous hits, then you will be playing against the dealer. Remember! You can still tie up with the dealer, if the dealer manages to get the number 21.