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Dragon tiger is one type of gambling game that is very popular. This game uses playing cards. This game has quite a lot of enthusiasts because this game is very easy to understand and play. This gambling game is presented with an online system, this certainly makes it easier for you to play because you don’t need to travel far to the existing casinos. Now because of the rapid development of technology, all types of gambling games are presented online. You can play dragon tiger gambling using your android smartphone, computer, laptop or the like that you have.

Indeed, Indonesian law strictly prohibits gambling, but you don’t need to worry because now you can just play at home or in hidden places that you know that no one knows, especially the police. If you want to play dragon tiger gambling, then you have to register through a trusted online gambling agent by filling in the data provided by the online gambling agent.

Usually the data that you have to fill in is No. Tel / BBM / WA / LINE, then you have to fill in the bank that you will use and also your account number, this is intended to process deposit and withdrawal transactions. Then you select the game you will play nova88. After that you click “submit” or “register” as a sign that you have completed the registration.

However, if you fail to register or you feel confused or have trouble then you can ask directly to Customer service or CS via live chat, then CS will be ready to serve the members / players within 24 hours non-stop. I suggest you to be careful in choosing an online gambling agent because now there are so many fraudulent online gambling agents circulating that want to harm newbies who just want to join. Don’t let this happen to you.

On this occasion I will share an article about how to play dragon tiger. The dragon and tiger taruhan bola online is a card game that compares the card value between the dragon and tiger sides with the highest score.


How to Play Dragon Tiger

kartu dragon tiger

  • In the dragon tiger game, players can place bets on dragons, tigers or ties.
  • In the dragon tiger game, each dragon and tiger will be dealt 1 card by the dealer.
  • In a dragon tiger game, the winner will be based on the highest card value between the dragon and tiger cards.
  • In the dragon tiger game, if the value of the dragon and tiger cards is the same then it will be declared a tie/series and is not determined from the flower/motif on the card.
  • In the dragon tiger game situs judi slot terpercaya, the highest card value is the K card value and the lowest is the ace card value.
  • The order of the dragon tiger card values ​​from the highest to the lowest is K, Q, J, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, A.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning ValueWhen a bet on a dragon is declared a win, then the victory you will get is one times the amount of your bet (1: 1)

If the bet on a tiger is declared a win, then the winnings you will get are one times your bet amount (1: 1)

If you place a bet on a tie / draw, and the results of the card value of the dragon and tie are the same / draw, then the winnings you will get is 8 times the amount of your bet. For example, if you place a bet amount of 100,000, 100,000 x 8 = 800,000 you get

If a tie occurs, the number of bets contained in the dragon or tie will be deducted by 50% as a discount, the rest of your bet will be returned to each installer.

Thus the article on how to play dragon tiger, I hope the article I have submitted can be easily understood