How to Place an Online Football Gambling Sportsbook Bet

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Hi, Your Honor, this time we want to discuss and provide a little information to all of you who like playing at the online soccer betting agent. Maybe all of you already know what games are on Sbobet. But do you also know all the functions of the menu in the Sbobet Agent? or Do you understand how to read the market and Kei in every match in the Sporsbook?

For easy understanding, we have provided a screen shot image of online gambling betting on Sbobet that you can understand later. Starting with the red box on the top right, you can see the amount of credit or coins in your account. For the record, credit in the online ball account is 1: 1000, which means if your credit is 100 = IDR 100,000. Therefore, for those of you who are beginners or for the first time playing online soccer gambling, please pay attention to the nominal number of pairs before you confirm your bet.

The second stage you can see the yellow box on the top left of the image, there are bandar taruhan bola menus that you may not know about.

Explanation of Menu in Sportsbook

The following is an explanation of some of the menus that have been marked with a Yellow box by us:

My Bets: In this menu you can see how many bets you have placed. If you are confused or forget your bet, you can find it on the My Bets menu.

Statement / Report: In this menu, you can see your partner’s history data that has been completed, you can check the matches that you bet win or lose, and in the statement menu you can see the transaction history up to 1 week ago.

Balance / Preference: In this menu you can calculate the total or amount of losses or the number of wins you have depobos played since the first time you joined and played at the Sbobet Agent

Announcements / Announcements: For the last menu, you can see reports or events that allow online football bookmakers to cancel your running pair or bet. Because maybe when you bet in a match there is a problem with bad weather conditions, or there is a riot in the field, therefore the report will be published through this menu.

How to read the Online Football Gambling Market

Now go to how to read the online soccer gambling market. To read the market / odds or also Kei, we have given a dark green box marked with a red arrow and also an Orange box with an orange arrow. Starting from the red arrow, In this menu you only play or bet only one round, or the match runs the first 45 minutes for a Football match.


Handicap is a term in online soccer gambling. The meaning of these terms is to give an advantage at the beginning before the competition starts. With initial advantages, of course all of you will easily win every match or bet that exists.

Some of you must have not understood it with the intention of the explanation above. To clarify the meaning above, we will describe it by taking the example of the Champions League match, namely between Slavia Prague Vs Inter MIlan. The match just happened a few days ago, to be precise on November 28, 2019 at the Sinobo Stadium.

You all know that Inter Milan is one of the giant clubs in the Italian League. Especially at this time, Inter Milan has been coached by Antonio Conte. Meanwhile, Slavia Prague is an ordinary club whose history has never been heard at the international level. this is a match that is arguably easy to guess who is the winner in this match. Therefore, just before the match, the online soccer gambling company sets the handicap on the bet. To whom is the handicap given? obviously, for the home position. that it can be said that Slavia Prague hosts the advantage, namely at Voor / Fur by Inter Milan.

For Voor, it provides a special attraction here. Because, before the match started, Slavia Prague had indirectly scored a goal. You can imagine, if this match had no handicaps in the stakes, it would be certain that you would all choose Inter Milan. Right?

An explanation of the market in online betting

Go back and see picture 1 above

HDP Round 1: 0.0, meaning that the market given by the Online Football Agent is literate, which means that no team gives Voor.

Home / 1: you can see the 1 X 2 menu, now for this bet you just have to choose Home / Draw / Away, or 1 / X / 2, If you choose the Top Odds which is 3.45 then you mean betting Home wins which means if you bet IDR 100,000 for Home then if you win for Payout you get IDR 345,000, which is IDR 100,000 is your capital + IDR 245,000 Your winnings

Draw / X: But if you choose Odds 3.10 it means you bet on the match Draw / Draw, if you bet IDR 100,000 to Draw then if you win for Payout you get IDR 310,000 which is IDR 100,000 is your capital + IDR 210,000 Your winnings

Away / 2: if you choose Odds 2.06 then you bet for Team Away wins, if you bet IDR 100,000 for Away then if you win for Payout you get IDR 206,000 which is IDR 100,000 is your capital + IDR 106,000 Your winnings

Over / Under: is a menu where you can bet on the number of goals in the match Over / Under, how to determine Over / Under or also to determine the number of goals under the match? , you can see the blue numbers 1.0 and also the blue numbers 1-1.5 for round 1 matches, which means that the dealer opens 1 (one) and 1-1.5 (One and Quarter) markets for you to choose. If you choose 1 then the number of goals in the first half is two goals then you will win in full, but if in the first half there is only one goal then your partner is a draw (your bet is reversed) It’s different if you choose, if you choose 1-1.5 then The number of goals in the first half is two goals, you will win in full, but if in the first half there is only one goal then your partner will lose half.

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Examples of how to read Fur – Furan handicaps on online soccer gambling

Refer to figure 1.

The first arrow is red. It is a bet that is played in full time, which is 2 x 45 minutes in soccer.

An example of a handciap match between Melbourne Victory Vs Perth Glory the city side gives 3 markets consisting of: 0.0, 0-0.5 (Home), 0-0.5 (Away).

In Example Match 3 different Markets Namely:

0.0 = For the two teams neither Voor nor what is commonly called Lek Lek -an

0-0.5 (Home) = Quarter Goal Voor, which means that at least Melbourne Victory must win one goal if you want to win fully, but if the final score is a draw then you will only lose half.

0-0.5 (away) = Quarter Voor Goal Away which gives Voor, which means that at least Perth Glory must win one goal if you want to win in full, but if the final score is a draw then you will only lose half.

Over & Under (Over & Under)

Market Over Under

The over under bet type, which is a bet that instructs us to guess whether the total match goals at that time are Over (Over) or (Under) Less than the handicap value. Later, every match will have a handicap (Voor), we just need to combine it with the type of bet.

How to Read the Over Under Market


For Over / Under games, the bookie also provides at least 2 markets or 3 different markets, Example: 3.0, 3-3.5, 2.5-3.

The following is an explanation for the numbers that we have mentioned for the Over & Under game:

3.0 = if you place for Over then the total number of goals from the results of this match must be at least 4 goals, if you want to win in full. However, if the total number of goals is only 3 goals then your bet value will be drawn, but if the number of goals created is only 2 goals then you will lose.

3-3.5 = this means that the dealer opens a 3 quarter market, meaning that if the number of goals in this party is only 3 goals then you will lose half of your bet amount. But if the number of goals in this match is more than 3 goals, it is certain that you will win if you bet over.

2.5-3 = For this market it is arguably the lowest, because the bookmaker only opens markets for Over Under 2 three and a quarter. Which means if the total number of goals in this match is 3 goals then you still win half of the value of your bet, but if the total number of goals in this match is only 2 goals then you will experience a complete defeat in your bet.
Odd Even (Odd Even)

For Odd (Odd) & Even (Even) Bet Types This is the most popular among current online soccer gamblers. Why can it be said like that? Because, this type of bet can be said to be unique and also profitable. actually how does it work?

For those of you beginners in the world of online soccer gambling who don’t know how it works, we will explain it in detail for that. The system is very easy, you only need to guess the final result of the match. Whether the final result is even or odd.

For this bet there is no timeline, as it will refer to 2 X 45 Minutes. Even injury time counts. so, if the referee has blown the final time of the match. then, that is the result of this odd event bet type. When the final results are obtained, then you just need to add them all up. To determine the end result whether the result is odd or even.

If the result of the game is a series of 0 – 0 then it will produce an even. in this game there is no draw. That only loses or wins.


Seperti pertandingan antara Slavia Prague Vs Inter Milan yang beberapa waktu lalu. Pertandingan tersebut berakhir dengan skor Slavia Prague 1 – 3 Inter mIlan . Nah untuk itu ditotalkan Keseluruhan Gol nya maka hasilnya 1 + 3 = 4 ( Even/Genap ).

Profesional Tips :

jangan pernah menganggap remeh team under dog. Memang mereka diatas kertas kalah nilai , tetapi belum tentu dalam taruhan dia pasti kalah, selalu dibandingkan Voor – Vooran dengan kei yang ada. Apabila terjadi loncatan Fur atau kei yang tinggi, maka kita boleh untuk memilih pasaran tersebut.

Klaim hadiah Kemenangan

Jika anda melakukan betting / bertaruh dan menang , maka secara otomatis saldo di ID game anda akan bertambah, tidak perlu repot – repot lagi menghitung kemenangan Anda dengan kalkulator. Jika anda ingin menikmatinya maa anda bisa menghubungi Customer Service dan melakukan withdraw / penarikan , untuk melakukan Deposit / Withdraw tentu anda juga bisa melakukannya sendiri . Untuk melakukan Withdraw saldo kredit anda akan ditarik sesuai dengan nominal yang ingin anda withdraw kan, Agen tersebut akan mengirimkan dana potongan dari kredit tersebut ke rekening yang telah anda daftar kan di website.

Semoga Panduan dari kami ini bisa membantu anda dalam memahami setiap menu serta cara melakukan taruhan online Permainan single maupun game mix sbobet bola online dan 1 x 2.

If you are confused about how to get a game ID to play online betting on a trusted sbobet agent site or how to bet on sbobet in full from each game, we recommend asking Customer Service if you still don’t understand it.

Suggestions from us, while you are waiting for soccer match bets to start, you can spend your time playing Online Poker, Slot Games, Fish Hunter, and also Live Casino