How to Bet on NBA Games

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NBA basketball is one of the craziest sports to bet point-spreads on, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re in the know. Travel schedules, free throws, and bench scoring typically lead to some good bounces or bad breaks, so you’ll want to be certain to keep an eye out for things that we normally wouldn’t in other sports. Here are some more tips on how to bet on NBA games for the upcoming season.

Reading NBA Betting Odds

Basketball odds have numbers like -10.5 for the favored team, meaning they must win by 11 or more points to cover the bet. Underdogs will have something like +10.5, meaning they have to lose by 10 points or fewer (or win outright) to cover the bet.

The final two minutes of a situs judi bola terpercaya sometimes equates to about 10 minutes of real-time on the clock. Let’s use the Golden State Warriors, for example, who have easily defeated most of their opponents over the last few years. Against lesser teams, the Warriors will typically be favored by around 13 points. Granted, they’ll win the game, but winning by 14 or more points will have some very dramatic moments in the closing seconds. Sometimes, the result will come down to a meaningless layup or free throws. That’s where the real fun comes in.

Moneyline Betting on NBA Games

Moneyline odds (to win outright) can range anywhere from -101 to as much as -4000, in extreme circumstances with two teams at the opposite ends of the talent spectrum. The favored teams will always have a negative number like -125, meaning you have to risk $125 to win $100 – the underdog will have a positive number like +125, meaning you have to risk $100 to win $125.

Over/Under (Totals) Betting

Betting on the total points scored in a basketball game is fairly simple. For example, if you see a total at 210.5 and bet the over, the two teams must combine to score 211 points or more to win the bet. If the two teams Agen Sbobet Bola  to score 210 points or less, you lose the bet.

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Points Betting on NBA Games

Points betting on basketball certainly has its advantages, if you wind up on the winning side. Let’s say you’re betting $10 on a team that is favored to win by three points (-3) – You can earn $10 for each extra point they win by. Example: Boston win 100-90 over New York, you’ll earn $70 for the seven points they won by.

If Points Betting on NBA sounds like your thing, then you’ll want to check out PointsBet. They’re currently the only NJ Sportsbook who offer points betting to New Jersey bettors.

Futures Betting on NBA Games

Betting on futures in basketball has numerous options like betting on who will win the league championship, conference championship and who will win the division.

Parlay Betting on NBA Games

Parlay betting in basketball is identical to all of the other sports. For your parlay to win, the two or more teams/totals you select must all win their individual games or go above/below the game total. You can bet teams on the moneyline or the points spread and even combine those with the over/under on the game total.


Teaser bets in basketball are incredibly beneficial, but can also be quite risky at the same time. The benefit of making a teaser bet is that you’re able to lower the spread on your bets, making it an easier target to hit. However, the drawback is that you’re usually laying a lot more money than you’re going to win. In basketball, the risk of a blowout is greater than most other sports and that’s what makes it a truly daunting proposition.

Prop Betting on NBA Games

Basketball, like many of the other sports, has some of the most straight-forward prop bets. Bettors can wager on certain props like how many points a player will score, how many rebounds they’ll grab, how many assists they’ll have, and on and so on.