Guide on how to play Capsa Susun for beginners

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In the Capsa Susun Game, each player will be dealt 13 cards, and the player is tasked with arranging the 13 cards into the best hand. The cards will be dealt into 3 rows. The bottom hand must have a higher combination value than the middle card, likewise the card in the middle must have a higher combination value than the top card.

The following is the arrangement of the Capsa Susun card combinations from the best to the lowest:
Royal Flush: It is the highest card combination arrangement with consecutive numbers starting from number 10 and having a similar flower. For example: 10 ♠ – J ♠ – Q ♠ – K ♠ – A ♠

  • Straight Flush: Is a sequence of consecutive card combinations with a similar flower, but cards are not determined starting from any number. For example: 5 ♥ – 6 ♥ – 7 ♥ – 8 ♥ – 9 ♥
  • Four of a kind: It is a combination of cards that have the same number and are equipped with 1 free card. However, if these four of a kind cards meet a similar opponent, the winner will be determined by the value of the largest card that is owned on the four of a kind card. While 1 kicker card is only a complementary card. For example: 8 ♦ – 8 ♠ – 8 ♥ – 8 ♣ – 6 ♦
  • Full House: It is a combination of pair and three of a kind cards. The order of the full house card combination is determined by the value of three of a kind. If a full house consisting of 4 ♠ – 4 ♣ – K ♣ – K ♥ – K ♠ is a full house king. The combination that counts is this king combination. If you meet a combination of full House Queen 5 ♣ – 5 ♦ – Q ♣ – Q ♦ – Q ♥ then the full house king will come out as the winner.
  • Flush: It is a combination of 5 cards with the same flower but does not need to be in rows. This combination will compare which flower is higher. The situs slot online terpercaya combination from highest to lowest is: Spade ♠ – Heart ♥ – Curly ♣ – Diamond ♦, while the highest to lowest card values ​​are: A -K- Q – J – 10–9–8–7–6–5–4 –3–2. If the flush meets the flush, then the type of flower you have will be compared first, if you have the same flower then the winner will be determined from the value of the cards you have.
  • Straight: Is a combination of cards with consecutive numbers. This combination does not require the same type of flower. The determination of the winner if a straight meets a straight is by comparing the value of the largest card that each agen poker terpercaya player has.
  • Three of a Kind: It is a combination of 3 cards that have the same number. The remaining two cards must be random.
  • Double Pair: Double pair is the arrangement of two pairs of cards accompanied by 1 random card. If both players have the same double pair card, then the determination of the winner will be seen from the biggest pair then seen from the flower. Example: If player A has a QQ-8–8–5 card while player B has a 10–10–9–9-A card then the winner will be determined by the suit.
  • Pair: Is a combination of cards that have a pair of twin cards. Pair 2 is the lowest pair, and the As pair is the highest pair. If both players have a pair with the same value, then the winner will be seen from the highest flower type.
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How to Count Cards in the Capsa Susun Game

Card counting is done when the allotted time runs out. The players will be given time to reorder the 13 cards dealt. Calculations are made between players (head to head) from the lowest, middle and top positions.

If you win 1 line from player A will get 1 point, and if player B beat you in that line then your points will be lost again. There are additional points for those of you who managed to get a card combination or special card. See the point division in the following image.

  • Three of a kind line up: 5 points
  • Full House in the middle: 3 points
  • Full House bottom line: 1 point
  • Four of a kind at center: 14 points
  • Four of a kind is bottomed: 7 points
  • Center straight flush: 18 points
  • Bottom straight flush: 9 points
  • Royal Straight Flush in center: 22 points
  • Royal Straight Flush bottom line: 11 points
  • 3 Straight: 9 Points
  • 3 Flush: 9 points
  • 6 Pairs: 9 points
  • 5 Pairs and 1 Three of a kind: 18 points
  • Same color: 24 Points
  • Dragon: 39 Points
  • Dragon of the same color: 139 Points

There is also a special winning rule where if you manage to beat a player in all rows, your winnings will be paid 2x. If you succeed in defeating all players in all ranks, your winnings will be paid 4x.

That is the guide for playing capsa stacking online which we can describe. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are beginners in the online betting world and are interested in trying it. And always play at the online betting agency that you trust. Happy playing and good luck.