Exploring the Different Types of Casino Table Games

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Most casino goers dream of striking it rich by the time they leave. Unfortunately, most of them discover the old saying is mostly true: the house always wins.

It’s only “mostly” true because those who do their homework about the different casino games and how to play them are poised to walk away as a winner.

Those who want to win big need to study this comprehensive guide to the table games of casinos!

What Are Table Games?

This is a guide to casino table games. However, visitors to the casino may not immediately know what this term means.

Simply put, a table game is any casino online terpercaya game that is played on a table. This includes a variety of dice and card games as well as roulette.

Table games are different from things like slot machines or various electronic machines. In this way, they are both old-fashioned and a bit more elegant.

In order to win at these table games, it’s important to know what they are and how to play them!


Traditional poker involves trying to get the best hand out of a set number of cards. The best hand can simply be the highest card, but it is more typically having pairs (or trios) of the same kind of card or having something like a straight, full house, or flush.

Having two or three of a kind is self-explanatory. A straight is when you have five cards in unbroken, ascending order.

A flush is when you have five cards of the same suit (such as five hearts). They do not have to be in ascending order, but if they are, this is a straight flush.

A full house is when you have two of one kind and three of another. For winning hands, two pair beats one pair and three of a kind beats two pair. A straight beats them all, but a flush beats a straight.

The full house beats a flush, but it is beaten by having four of a kind. A straight flush beats four of a kind, and a royal flush (where someone has ten through ace, all of the same suit) beats everything.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a poker variant that is a major part of casino table games. It involves a mixture of secret cards and public cards.

Each player gets two personal cards (the “hole cards”). Afterwards, the dealer reveals three cards (the “flop”). Your hand is a combination of the hole cards and the public cards.

Two more cards are dealt (referred to as “the turn” and “the river,” respectively). Players get a chance to call, bet, or fold with each new reveal, and the winner is the player whose hold cards give him the best hand.


Craps is a popular dice-based casino game. It can seem intimidating upon first glance, but the actual gameplay is relatively simple.

The game involves you or other players rolling the dice. The other participants bet and win (or lose) based on the outcome of these dice.

One straightforward way to play is to bet on a specific number, such as betting that a shooter will roll “eleven.” There is also a “pass bet,” which is more of a gamble: these bettors win if the roll is “seven” or “eleven,” and they lose if it’s “two,” “three,” or “twelve.”

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Other numbers are “point” numbers. If they can roll the same number again, they get an even money payout; if they roll a seven, they have lost and must pass the dice.

With enough practice, players will develop the skills necessary to both bet and shoot their way to winning this game.


As table games go, Baccarat is pretty simple. It may just seem confusing at first if players confuse its rules with those of Black Jack!

The goal of the game is to get a score of “nine” or as close to it as possible. The cards of ten, Jack, King, and Queen count as “zero”, while an Ace counts as “one.”

Players initially receive two cards. If the total is over nine, then they must effectively drop the “one.” That means a “five” and a “six” gives a player a one!

If the player’s hand is at five or less with the two cards they are dealt, they may request another. Both the player and the dealer must keep their hand if they are dealt an “eight” or a “nine.”

It is possible to bet on other players winning as well as the dealer winning. Players can also bet on a tie, which typically pays out eight to one!

For movie buffs, this game is particularly fun to play. This is because it is James Bond’s favorite game and featured in many of his movies!


Arguably, roulette is the most iconic of the casino table games. And the good news is that it is an easy game for casino visitors to play.

Roulette is a big wheel with thirty-eight pockets. This includes eighteen red pockets and eighteen black pockets (numbered one through thirty-six) as well as two “zero” pockets.

The dealer spins a bill, and when the spinning stops, players can see which numbered pocket the ball landed in. Players make bets ahead of time about where the ball will land.

There are many different kinds of bets players can make.

It’s also possible to bet on things like even numbers or whether the ball will land on the first eighteen numbers or the second. It’s also possible to bet on other combinations of numbers (referred to as columns), but players should beware: the house always wins when it lands on zero!

The Bottom Line

This guide has revealed the basics of what popular casino table games and how to play them. But to really win, it’s important to develop the best strategies.

Gambling and Betting Strategies is a website devoted to giving players the edge necessary to beat the house. Before heading to the casino, it’s important to review the latest strategies!