Correct Score Betting Tips in Football

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One of the most popular bets to place on a single football game is a correct score bet. These are not easy to get right, but the reason that many people bet on them is because of the attractive odds on offer. These often go into double figures, so you only need to have a small number of wins each season to give yourself a profit on this bet.

If you have only ever placed a few correct score bets, or perhaps even none at all, and you are looking for something new to approach seriously then this is certainly a market you should consider. If you want a little help and correct score betting tips then here is how you should approach correct score betting football. If you want make football bets with crypto, check cryptocurrency betting sites.

Low Scoring Games Offer a Lower Number of Alternatives

When you look at a game between two teams, straight away from the moment you take a look at the game you will get a feel for whether it will be a high scoring game or a low scoring one. When you are looking at a game and thinking about placing a correct score bet then it is the low scoring games that you have more chance of getting right and this is why.

When you pick out a high scoring game, generally speaking, there are many scores the game could end with, it could be 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 3-2, 4-2, 4-3, 5-2, 5-4 or even 5-4, and this doesn’t include high scoring draws, which add more possibilities. From that you can see the different ways in which this game could end. It could also go either way if it is two attacking teams going against each other, so you can double that.

When you are looking at a game that you think will be a low scoring one, you are generally thinking the game could finish as a 0-0 or 1-1 draw, or a 1-0 victory to either team. This is a far lower number of scores to consider, and if you are choosing from a smaller amount of possibilities then you have more chance of getting it Agen Judi Bola Terbesar.

Correct score betting is difficult to work out, you won’t find yourself situs judi bola terbaik having many winners but to give yourself the best chance of picking up those winners you should look for games that have fewer options available.

There will be times you get this wrong, either picking a game to be low scoring when it is high scoring or maybe even picking out the wrong result but trying to select low scoring games will give you a better chance of getting things right.

Perm Scores for More Chances to Win

One correct score strategy that some successful correct score punters apply is that they put together a couple of scores and bet on them both, to give them more coverage. There is one great way of doing this, and it involves games in which you think one team will dominate and keep a clean sheet.

For example, if you have a strong home team who you expect to win comfortably and keep a clean sheet, you can back them to win 3-0 and 4-0 in two separate singles. This will, of course, lower your returns as you are guaranteeing yourself at least one losing bet, but it does give you more chance of winning a bet.

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The same can be done with games you think will end in a score draw. Instead of simply backing a draw you can perm together 1-1 and 2-2 to give yourself a chance of getting the correct score right in the game.

This is all about giving yourself a better chance of winning what is a very tough bet to land, and that is the reason why many people do this. With the big odds on offer, you can afford to do this and still make a nice profit.

Split the Game in Half

Another way to make things a little easier is to bet on the correct score half time. We have seen a big rise in the number of half time betting markets available recently, and one of the main markets to come out of that is the half time correct score market.

With this market, you are only betting on half of a game of football, so there is less chance to see goals in the game which should make things a little easier to make correct score predictions. Whether you think a game will start cagey and the teams will go into the half time break without a goal, or you think a team will take an early advantage because they have a record of scoring early goals, you can back what you think will happen early with this market.

We have already spoken about choosing bets where you have the smallest number of possible outcomes, and by splitting the game in half you are doing that again, as you are cutting down the time for goals to be scored, so scores such as 3-0 and 4-0 are highly unlikely to happen.


The correct score betting market is a great way to place a single bet on a game you are watching live. This is not an easy bet correct score and to be right, but if you do then the odds on offer are a nice reward for you. There are ways to narrow things down as you have seen above, with the option of betting on two different outcomes to perm them together or by splitting the game into two halves and placing a bet on the first half only.

The great news for punters is that betting on correct scores is now something where you can use many different options, instead of just using one market. It is the right time for punters to turn to this, use the markets that are on offer and work out which games are the best to bet on and what scores you think the games will be.

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