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After explaining the method of playing 1 x 2 bets in the previous post, we can discuss and give a little bonus to the method of playing Double Chance bets on SBOBET, the largest soccer gambling site in Asia.

In essence, Double Chance is a type of bet 1 x 2 that has been modified so that the chances of winning the match are slightly higher than the usual 1 x 2 bet.

As discussed in the Steps to play the 1 x 2 SBOBET bet, this game is an option game, are we able to sort out 1 host, 2 guest teams or x, if we predict the match will end in a draw.

Playing the Double Chance bet, the baseline is also uniform like that, even though this is the case with this type of bet, you are given the opportunity to sort 2 between the 3 options above. So the choices are:

  • The host (Home) wins or the match ends in a draw
  • The host (Home) or the Away team (guest team) wins
  • The Guest Team (Away) wins or the match ends in a draw
  • Definition of Double judi slot terpercaya in Indonesian Online Sbobet Agents

With options like this, of course, your winning ratio can increase and you can have a great chance of being able to win bets. So what is the method of playing judi sbobet this double chance bet?

1 x = You win unless one of the final results of the match is the host (home) wins or the match ends in a draw, unless the away team wins until your bet loses

1 2 = You win unless one of the final results of the match is the home win or the away team wins, unless the match ends in a draw until your bet loses

x 2 = You win unless one of the final results of the match is the away team wins or both teams play a draw, unless the match ends in a win by the home team until our bet loses

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NB: When the match takes place in a neutral place, until the team mentioned at the beginning is always considered as the host team (home) and the team mentioned to the 2nd is the guest team (away).

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For this type of bet, it is also quite simple, almost uniform with other bets, Handicap, Over Under, Odd Even or 1 x 2 which we have explained completely and clearly. Please reread it, if you always don’t understand.

Bets on double chance can be done by pressing the number of wins at the bottom equal to your team. An example of the match above is like this:

If you are dreaming of betting on the Slavia Sofia victory, you just have to click on the 1.25 number which is at the bottom of 1 x

If you want to bet and feel, except for this match, one of the teams can play a tie, so your options are 1 2 and you just have to click the 1.26 number listed below.

If you want to bet and feel unless the guest team wins so you just click the number 1.66 listed at the base of x 2

After you click, there can be a bet slip, which you must fill in as usual. This is our short direction on the Double Chance bet. Indeed, the value of the winnings from this bet is generally not large, but it is enough to make snacks and have a large winning ratio.

The types of online games in Indonesia are always very diverse. Because so far many online game players always expect a lot of benefits from playing gambling. You are able to play one type of gambling game very fortunately in Indonesia, this is more than one review.