Betting on Cards in Football

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Betting on stats in football has recently seen huge growth, with many new markets formed surrounding goals, corners and bookings. Of those three, betting on cards is the one that has surprisingly risen to new levels, with many people placing bets on how many cards will be given in the game. If you want make crypto bet on football, you need to know best crypto bookmakers.

Card Betting Markets. Red Card and Yellow Card Betting

There are two main ways in which you can bet on the total cards in a game. The first is to bet on the number of cards, usually, this will either be a two-way line that you bet over or under on, although some bookmakers have a three-way line for you to use.

The second is to bet on the number of total booking points betting. In this instance, cards are given points, so a yellow card is worth 10 points while a red card is worth 25. Here you make booking points bet on a number of points, and the total points in the game is what all of the cards add up to. This is a little more complicated than the first way to bet but great for those who want to bet on cards in a slightly different way and want to make one bet which includes betting on yellow cards and betting on red cards.

Game Cards and Individual Team Cards

Again, another two ways of splitting things up are by either betting on the overall game or on one particular team. The two markets above, total cards and total card points betting can be used on both the overall game Agen Judi Taruhan Bola for individual teams if you wish to.

This is where your football knowledge can come into play, by breaking down the game and looking at each individual team. This is great if you like stats, you can look at specific teams and combine your knowledge about them with the stats around the referee taking charge of the game. For example, a referee who gives out a lot of cards on average per game combined with a team that has players who are regularly carded is the type of thing you need to be looking for when you are thinking of betting over the line on the number of team cards.

Individual Player Card Betting

Alongside being able to look at team stats and bet on a team or even a game as a whole, you can also bet on individual players. There are a couple of main ways to do this, you can bet on a player to be the first player to be carded, just like you can bet on someone to score the first goal in a game. You can also bet on a player to be carded at any time in the game, just like you can bet on a player to score at any time.

If you are approaching this with the intention of betting on individual situs bola online players and finding stats to back those up then these are the two markets you need to be looking at. In the big games around Europe, there will be players who are known for being aggressive with their tackling or picking up cards for other reasons and just like strikers lead the goalscorer markets, it is these players who will be at the front of the card betting markets.

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Special Bets

Some bookmakers will offer special bets surrounding cards in a game, and these can be worth a look at if you have some kind of stat to back up your selection. For example, some bookmakers offer a will there be a red card betting market which you can bet on, while you can also bet on the time of the first card in games if you wish.

These are really niche markets that serious card punters will look at, something you don’t need to look at as a beginner just yet, but make sure you remember they are there as sometimes they could prove profitable if the stats show they are worth a bet.

Card Betting Tips

There are two things you need to put together to become a successful card betting punter. The first is a knowledge and understanding of stats surrounding cards and the second is being able to read a game and how you think it will unfold.

Stats are key to card betting, and you need to put together more than just one stat. If you are looking at a game then you need to combine both the starts surrounding the two teams taking part and also the referee who is in charge. Some referees are given out regular cards while others are known for keeping their cards away and letting the game flow as much as possible.

The best way to begin is to combine the stats for both the teams playing and the referee in charge which point to the same thing. This means combinations of teams who receive a lot of cards and referees who give out a lot of cards or the opposite, teams who don’t get cards with referees who prefer to not give them.

Things are more complicated than this simple method, but if you are looking for a way to get started then this is certainly it.

Then you can progress onto other markets, and break the game down more if you wish by betting on individual teams. This can work well if you only have stats for one team, and something else to consider and think about is the setting of the game.

Is the game a big one between two top teams fighting for a league title? Are the teams at the bottom of the table and in a relegation scrap, battling for every single point? Is the game a local derby where the atmosphere will be hostile and that will cause tension between the teams? These are all questions that can help you become a successful punter if you know the answers and you use them in the right way.

Those who love stats, reading them, digesting them and then using them to bet are going to love betting on cards in football.