A Guide to Placing Winning Asian Handicap Bets

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Are you looking for an exciting new way to gamble online? If so, consider trying Asian handicap bets. These bets may sound unique and foreign, but they can be a sure way to bring extra money this holiday season.

What do you need to know about handicapping to come out better than you went in? Keep reading to find the best ways to place winning Asian handicap bets.

What Are Asian Handicap Bets?

Asian handicap bets are very uncommon and have a complex way of betting on football games. But the dividends can pay off immensely.

One of the main selling points is there are multiple options a bettor can choose from to achieve a successful result. Click here to learn more about some excellent online gambling options.

With its unique system, Asian handicapping increases your chances of winning from 33 percent to 50 percent.

Types of Asian Handicap Bets

There are a few types of Asian handicap bets you can use for each match, and we will explain them below. We will use Manchester United and Liverpool as our example teams.

The 0.5 or -0.5 Handicap Bet

This bet gives a half goal advantage or disadvantage to each team. If Man U is at a -0.5 goal advantage. They are considered the favorites to win. In basic terms, it means Liverpool will be given a half goal at the end of the match.

This is a great way to hedge your bets because if you put money on Liverpool, you can either win by an outright score or by a tie.

As an example, if the game ended in a 2-2 draw, you’d actually win because Liverpool would be given a half goal advantage at the end of the game, so the score would technically be 2.5-2.

The only way you can come out with a loss is if Manchester outright wins the match. So this is one of the best types of Asian handicap bets to place.

Betting on a 0 Handicap

This isn’t the common course of action when trying to hedge your Asian handicap bets. If you place a bet on Manchester United to finish with a draw or better against Liverpool. The only way you can lose money is if Liverpool wins.

If the game ends in a draw, you will get your money back. But there isn’t any major draw in taking on this type of bet.

Betting on a 1 or -1 Handicap

When you bet with a 1 or -1 handicap, it is similar to betting with a half goal handicap in cap. Some of the stipulations remain the same as one team is given a goal advantage over the other team at the end result.

However, paying out the bet has a few different circumstances.

In our first example, if you place a bet on Liverpool who is given a +1 goal advantage, you can only lose if Manchester finishes with a two-goal victory.

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You will win your bet if Manchester finishes with a loss (you win your money outright), a one-goal victory (because it evens out to a draw, resulting in you receiving your money back), and an outright victory by Liverpool.

When you look at these options, you may be inclined to always go with the -1 handicap because you can have more possibilities to win or break even.

This strategy should only be used if the team you are choosing has a similar level of talent as its opponent; otherwise. You could be looking at an easy loss on your hands.

Betting with the +1.5 or -1.5 Handicap

Is it rare that soccer games end in results with two or more goals being the difference?

This handicap strategy should be used if you are supremely confident in either of the teams present. Should you go with the less talented but scrappy team who will be given an advantage? Or the powerhouse that has made easy work of opponents all season long.

That’s why it is so important to do ample research on the team you decide to bet on and secure the surest outcome possible.

This handicap works similar to the +1/-1 handicap. If Liverpool is given a +1.5 goal advantage, then you will receive an outright win if they lose by a goal, finish the game in a draw, or win by one or more goals.

If Manchester United comes back and wins the match by two or more goals, then you will lose the bet, but this is the only possible outcome that results in a loss for the bettor.

Betting with a Split Bet Handicap Stipulations

The split bet handicap is one of the more intriguing options of Asian handicap betting. This allows you to bet on two different handicaps at once, resulting in more potential wins.

Let’s use the +0.5 and 0 handicap stipulations in this next example.

If you place a bet on Liverpool, which has a half goal advantage at the end result, you can win by Liverpool winning the game and by Liverpool earning a tie. In the event of a tie, the amount of money placed on your 0 handicap will be returned to you, and the resulting +0.5 goal will earn you a profit.

The only way to lose these split bets is if Manchester wins the game. This is an excellent way to hedge your bets without losing a potentially large bet.

Which Asian Handicap Bets Will You Use?

Now that you have looked at all of the ways to place Asian handicap bets, which strategies will you use? Are you going to play Situs Bola Resmi safe with the +0.5 handicaps, or go for a big risk with a -1.5 goal disadvantage?

If you want more information about online gambling, check out our gaming guides today!