5 Pro Gamblers Tips for Beginner Casino Goers

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Gamblers have never had more options on what to bet on. The supreme court decision legalized sports betting in the USA this year. Which has opened up loads of choice – basketball, football, and other sports are now fair game.

And there are also nearly 100 more casinos in the USA now than there were a decade ago. So when you get tired of betting on the NFL, you can enjoy time at the tables with a cold beer in hand.

But if you’re new to the world of casinos, let’s take it one step at a time. You don’t want to get your fingers burnt the first time you touch the tables.

Here are 5 pro gamblers tips to get you started.

1. Know the Rules!

The worst time to pick up the rules is during play.

Firstly, unless you’re playing situs judi online casino at a very low-stakes table designed to get you started, you’re likely to annoy the dealer and other players. If you try to break the rules, even inadvertently, they might ask you to stop playing. Which could be a bit embarrassing.

Also, while some casino card games might look similar at first glance, the rules vary in complexity. Blackjack is dead easy, and something you’ve likely played before, perhaps casually with friends.

Baccarat, meanwhile, can be pretty confusing for the newcomer as the cards have very different values than you might expect. For example, a 10, Jack, King or Queen count as ‘zero’, an Ace is a ‘one’ and you need to try to score nine points with your hand.

Not the best starting point. But it illustrates our point. Knowing the rules is absolutely crucial if you want to have any chance of success.

If you haven’t got time to learn difficult rules, you can head to ‘easy’ gambling tables. For example, roulette is very easy to pick up just by watching other people play for a while.

And slots machines are not difficult to master, though they are unlikely to have as good odds as a fair few card games.

2. Know the Odds, Then Pick Your Game

The other vital piece of information you need to know before picking which game to play is the odds.

Every game is played in favor of the house. There is no real way around this without developing sharp card counting skills or spotting a roulette wheel that’s become a little weighted toward certain numbers over time.

Both of those are hard, and the casino might argue with you overpaying out if it sees what’s going on. So it’s better just to know upfront what your odds of success are.

Roulette might be the easiest example to show you how odds work.

186 numbers are black, 18 are red. This lures some people into thinking it’s a 50:50 chance. But of course, there are actually 37 numbers on a roulette wheel, not 36, as there’s a 0 which is normally colored green.

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Over time, this gives the house a big edge over people who think they can just bet red or black and have a fair chance of winning.

Brush up on odds for other games and learn how to beat the odds.

3. Don’t Play Keno

It might seem like a fun and simple lottery-style game. And it can be fun, yes.

But don’t play keno if you actually want to stand a chance of winning anything during your gambling session. Because you probably won’t.

This is because the odds are absolutely stacked in the casino’s favor, and your chances of landing all 20 numbers are 1 in 3.5 quintillions. That’s 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.

Some tables will pay out for scenarios where you land 0, 1 or 2 numbers (since the probability is relatively low of this happening). But the odds are still stacked massively in favor of the house.

4. Set a Limit Before You Start

No one wants you to lose more money than you can afford.

Gambling is fun, but there’s always a risk, and it’s not the be-all and end-all of everything. Always remember that.

Know how much you’re going to spend before you head in, and ideally only bring cash.

A good strategy to force yourself to stick to your budget is to take a certain amount along with you in cash while knowing you need that last $10 or so to get a cab back afterward.

This helps focus your mind on the budget. As it might be a long walk home without that last few bucks!

5. Know When to Walk Away

When you’re hitting a losing streak, it’s easy to get frustrated. Your careful budgeting goes out the window, and you hurl more bad money after good trying to recoup your losses.


Take a moment out of the game – sit out the next few hands, throws, or spins. Even better, take a break entirely. Go get a drink, or go outside for a moment.

Or even call it a night and go home.

Too many gamblers lose their cool and end up spending way too much because they get emotional about the game. So remember – it’s just a game.

More Pro Gamblers Tips

Looking for even more top gamblers tips to get you started?

We’ve got gaming strategies covering all popular casino games. From beginner’s guides through to advanced techniques and methods that could give you an edge at the table.

But before you head off, there’s actually a 6th and final entry to our list of pro gamblers tips: Always remember to have fun. If it’s not fun, it’s time to stop.

Have fun, and good luck!